Moving Tips

Helpful Hints for Moving Day – Our Helpful Moving Tips

Getting ready for your move

  • Appliances: Drain, empty, disconnect, unplug, tape doors and electrical cords (some require interior packing of movable parts).
  • TV’s: Disconnect aerials and fold up; tape cords of all electrical appliances and lamps.
  • Stereos: Secure arms, turn table covers, cords, and wires.
  • Inform movers of: Delicate, aged, weak pieces, loose legs, broken pieces, loose veneer, etc.
  • Mark Boxes: Boxes that may be fragile, delicate glass, this end up, – also mark them for proper placement in the new home.
  • Organize: Attics, tool sheds, and garages. These areas are very time consuming for the mover (rakes, brooms, shovels – tie or tape  together). Mowers must be drained of gas.
  • Notify: banks and other financial institutions about your move
  • Dressers, Desks, and End Tables: Should be emptied of breakables, pencils, pens, and paper clips and other items that would jam drawers. Clothing, bedding, and linen can be left in drawers.

What do I need to do on moving day?

  • Advise movers before starting of job of what will and will not be moving.
  • Before leaving residence, make a thorough inspection to be sure nothing is forgotten.
  • At your new residence, it is very helpful if you direct the movers with each item for proper placement as it is brought in. Use signs or sticky notes directing furniture or boxes to specific areas.
  • Elevator or reserved parking moves: check with building management at least fourteen days before moving day for use.
  • Apple Transfer has excellent equipment, clean trucks and pads, and well-trained employees who will do their best to give you a safe and careful move. Our goal is to have you as a satisfied customer.

Very Important – Please Note Carefully.  This is for your protection

  • The mover cannot be held responsible for items left at the residence after loading. It is your responsibility to make sure that nothing is left behind. Please make sure that you check your closets, cabinets,  drawers, attics, basement, garage, and outside areas before the driver  leaves origin.
  • Do not ship bank bills, coins or currency, securities, deeds, notes, drafts, valuable papers of any kind, jewelry, postage or revenue stamps, stamp collections, precious stones, or precious metals. These items are not covered by any insurance option.
  • The only items to be left in any drawers or furniture are clothing. No loose items such as pens, pencils, books, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer at the time of loading and delivery to acknowledge in writing on the Bill of Lading and/or the “Household Goods Inventory” any property damage to residence at origin or destination. Otherwise, Apple Transfer or Arpin Van Lines, Inc. will not be responsible for any damages.

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